Software Publisher

mindbit GmbH Copyright (c) 2019 - mindbit GmbH

Version Information

EDI Viewer 3.0.0 01.02.2019
EDI Parser 3.0.0 01.02.2019

Supported Standards

EANCOM 1997 Release 2005 Syntaxversion 3 based on EDIFACT D.96A
EANCOM 2002 Release 2008 Syntaxversion 3 based on EDIFACT D.01B
INDICOD Version 2 based on EDIFACT 90.1

Supported Transaction Types

This version supports the transaction type INVOIC.

Important Notes

mindbit GmbH offers users of EDI standards like EDIFACT or TARADACOMS the chance to get a structured view at interchange files containing INVOIC data with this software.

An interchange file must be compliant to the specification of the underlying standard and must contain corresponding control segments at the beginning and at the end of the file. Segments of segment groups, which can contain multiple depending segments, can be collapsed downwardly and are indented to the right depending on the group level.

mindbit guarantees, that the data of the upload is not stored. The data is encrypted and transmitted by a secure SSL connection.

During the creation of this software, all means within the bounds of possibility have been utilized to keep the software and the included information precise and without errors.

However, mindbit cannot guarantee for correctness of the software and the included information as well as for an error- and interruption-free application of the software and therefore assume no liability.

Any use of the software is entirely at your own risk. A liability of mindbit for damages of any kind resulting from the usage of this software is excluded. This also includes damages resulting from loss of profit, business interruption, loss of business information or data.

This software is intended for internal use only. No part must be reproduced for external use, positioned in a search engine or saved with any mechanical or electronic means, copied or replicated by other means without a written license by mindbit.