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Many companies use the advantages of sending and receiving invoices in an electronic way using standards for electronic data interchange (EDI), e.g. the global standard EDIFACT.

However, there are some legal requirements for electronic data interchange regarding verifiability of business documents with legal relations.

Part of those requirements is to display electronic data in a suitable way for auditors without technical EDI knowledge by keeping the input file in original state.

mindbit Approach

The EDI Viewer was developed with the aim to give users the possibility to check and understand contents of an EDI message without syntax knowledge.

Advantages of the mindbit EDI Viewer are:

  • free license in combination with a maintenance contract (accessed via browser)
  • cost effective upgrade to and maintenance of custom-made standards
  • desktop version for your local machine in conjunction with a support- and maintenance contract

EDI Viewer Components

The EDI Viewer provides the following functional components:

  • Upload form for EDI files
  • Brief overview of uploaded interchange
  • Detailed view of present decoded elements



To be able to use the viewer without limitations you need an authenticated access. If you already have personal or corporate access data you can login directly. If you do not have any access data, please contact us.

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